Saturday, May 24, 2014

Doll Sized Finds! with Isabelle!!

Hey Everybody! It's Isabelle here! Welcome to Doll Sized Finds! I have some really cool things to show you guys today so hang in there. 

I have four things to show you today so I hope you like them.

First of all, I have this shot glass from the dollar tree which can also be used as a cup for birthday parties.

Next is my favorite item! This lamp is from the dollar tree and it actually glows in the dark. Awesome right!

I love it! There is also a green on at the store. I think I might have to get that one because Savannah claimed it.

It looks so good on Savannah's loft bed!

This is from McDonald's and I absolutely love it! (even though I was kind of hoping for the mini me doll!)

It comes with three squares of fabric.

One sheet of stickers.

One flyer for my movie which is called Isabelle Dances Into The Spotlight! It will be coming soon on Blu-Ray and DVD!

On the back we have a little scene from the movie. Here's what it says:
When Renata rips her dress just before a performance, Isabelle comes to the rescue. She uses her sewing skills to fix Renata's dress and mend her friendship with Renata.

Have you ever used your talents to help someone else?

Here is what you do: Choose a piece of fabric and open up the design book.

Put the piece of fabric on top of the girl.

Close the fashion book and TA DA! You have a totally cute and trendy dress that you designed. How cool is that?

The last item is a trophy from the dollar store. I win a bunch of these in dance competitions.



  1. When we went to McDonalds we just got a Spider Man 2 toy. Maybe next time! Anyways, you review was awesome!


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