Meet Hannah's dolls!

Elix- Elix was my first doll which I received for Christmas in 2011. Elix is girly girl who enjoys sports. She loves to win games and never misses the latest football game on TV.
Favorite Sport: soccer
Favorite color: green
Best friend: Emily

Kylie- Kylie was my third doll which I bought in 2013. Kylie is sweet and kind to everybody. She doesn't really like Emily.
Favorite Sport: Ballet
Favorite color: purple
Best friend: Savannah and Isabelle


  1. Funny, my name is Hannah!

  2. I love your dolls Hannah! Thank your sis for inviting me to contribute to this blog!

  3. Your dolls are really pretty! Plus, I love the name Elix!

    1. Thank You! Hannah made up the name Elix!


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