Meet My Dolls!

Kit- Kit was my second doll which I received as a gift in 2008. She is the most outgoing of all of the girls and is not afraid to speak her mind. 
Favorite Sport: Softball
Favorite Color: lime green
Best Friend: Mckenna
Age: 13

Savannah- Savannah was my fourth doll who I bought in 2013. She is an all around good girl who is very shy and quiet.
Favorite Sport: Gymnastics
Favorite Color: Violet
Best Friend: Isabelle

Isabelle- Isabelle was my fifth doll who I bought in 2014. She loves to dance.
Favorite Sport: Ballet
Favorite Color: Pink
Best Friend: Savannah
Age: 10

Next I will introduce Kanani.........




  1. Pretty dolls!

  2. Could you do a review on Kit?
    My friend really likes her but she's not sure if she wants her or not.

  3. I have the same doll as your Savannah asd she does gymnastics too! I love that name by the way.

  4. Your dolls are so cute! Love your blog BTW. :D
    Leah <3

  5. Thanks! Sorry that I haven't posted in forever


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