Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Prototype Pictures for New Historical

Hey Everybody,
So I know a while ago Char from Doll Diaries didn't really want us to post this but a lot of time has passed since then so I am hoping that it is okay and right now I just want you to know that I am currently not 100 percent happy with Doll Diaries right now because about month or two ago  I went through the trouble of taking and resizing a picture for Throwback Fall but they suddenly decided that they were not doing Throwback Thursday anymore which I think was not fair for all the people who sent in pictures. I still like Doll Diaries website I am just not very happy about this particular thing and I know Char is very busy and can't post everything (no hate please). Now lets get to the historical prototype pictures:

Just wanted to let you know that these pics are from agheaven.tumblr.com so all credit goes to there.

This is adorable!

I love this!!!

Which hairstyle?

I say the one on the right!

Watch this video from Roxypups1101 to see more!