Sunday, March 2, 2014

Isabelle's Surprise Photo Story

Hey Everybody! It's Savannah and I'm going to tell you what happened today. I thought it was just an average day riding my bike in the park. Little did I know......
It all started like this:
I was riding my new bike in the park. Enjoying the nice weather.

Then I spotted Isabelle having a picnic with a delicious wrap and muffin. It seemed like she was reading a book but had stopped to enjoy her lunch.

"Hi Isabelle!" I said excitedly. "How are you?" Isabelle and I chatted for a little while until Isabelle's phone rang.

Isabelle reached into her back pocket to grab her phone.

Isabelle stepped to the side and said that she would be back in a minute.

Isabelle came back with a smile that was at least a mile wide "I just won a free trip to England this summer." "I'm so excited!"exclaimed Isabelle." There's just one tiny problem." "It's a trip for two people, Savannah will you come with me?

Should I go to England with Isabelle?

P.S The Picnic blanket is actually a bitty baby changing mat.
P.P.S Isabelle's lunch and book are from the 2004 school set.

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