Friday, February 14, 2014

Not So Fancy Valentine's Day Tea Party Photo Story

Hi Everybody! Today Savannah and Kylie decided to have a tea party for Valentine day! It was all good until all the cupcakes ran out and only one remained. Who will get the last cupcake? Read to find out:
Savannah and Kylie were having a tea party in honor of Valentine's day. They had lots of treats such as cupcakes, chocolate, rice krispie treats, and jam tarts. It was absolutely delicious. Until...
Oh no! The girls loved the cupcakes so much that they had forgotten how many they had ate. Now only one of the delicious cupcakes remained.

Both of the girls stared at the last cupcake.

"I call it!" Savannah yelled quickly.

"That's not fair!" yelled Kylie " I want it!"

Kylie quickly leaned over the table to grab the cupcake.

Savannah also wanted the cupcake so she grabbed a jam tart and aimed it at Kylie's face.

Kylie fell over backwards and the jam splattered all over her face.

"Are you okay" asked Savannah.

 Kylie wiped the jam off her face. "Oh, I'm ok."

"But you look a little hungry."Kylie said. "Do you want some chocolate?" Kylie chucked the piece of chocolate directly at Savannah's face.

"AAAAAAH!" exclaimed Savannah. The chocolate landed right on Savannah's forehead.

After that the girls apologized to each other. 

"Oooops, I forgot about the cupcake that I left in the oven." said Kylie. After that the girls enjoyed the cupcakes and forgot about everything that had happened before.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Izzy                  Hannah
P.S The table is the american girl baking table, the kitchen is the our generation set from target, the chocolates are erasers, Hannah made Kylie's headband. 

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  1. I forgot to tell about their outfits. Savannah is wearing the sweet spring dress from american girl. Kylie is wearing the true spirit outfit with the our generation ballet outfit skirt.


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