Sunday, February 16, 2014

My American Boy Doll

Hey Everybody! I have been kind of bored waiting for Isabelle to come in the mail so I decided to do some searching through my doll stuff and I found my old Samantha doll. Samantha's hair was all ratty and not in good condition. Her legs and arms were so loose that I am surprised that they didn't fall off right then. Here are some pictures of her:

Here is Samantha attempting to stand up.

So I tied the hair styling cape around Samantha and decided to turn her into an american boy doll. I got some scissors and with the help of Hannah we managed to cut Samantha's hair.

Samantha is now renamed Nick. We used some hairspray to make Nick's styling hairstyle. We removed all of Nick's lip coloring. I made Nick's shirt using an old black sock and some stickers. The pants are from american girl. Nick will appear in a photo story later.


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  1. Does anybody want to see a tutorial on how to make Nick's shirt?


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