Thursday, February 13, 2014

My New Doll is..........

Hey Everybody! Since nobody decided to guess my new doll I have decided to reveal her today. I also decided to reveal the items that I am getting with her. So..... Drumroll please.......... Here she is:
I have decided to get Isabelle because I really liked her and her entire collection. She will be my first girl of the year. I did not buy every single item in her collection but I might get them later in the year. I will be getting the Isabelle doll and book but I will not be getting her accessories. I might get them later in the year but I was a bit hesitant to buy them because I read a couple reviews and some people said the black dye on Isabelle's jacket runs on her arms.

This is the only outfit I am getting that is not one of Isabelle's mix and match pieces. I really like the shoes.

I really like the color.
I could also use this for gymnastics.

This reminds me of Mckenna's.

This looks really cute on Isabelle.

The sparkles are really cute.

Tights are a must have for any dancer.
This tutu looks great with the leotards.
This looks really cute with the coral sweater.


P.S I will be doing a review of each item later.

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