Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Science Fair!!

Hey Everybody! Recently, I was inspired by Basilmentos to have a doll science fair. I think it turned out pretty cool and I want to show you their projects and you can be the judge:

Savannah did her project on Plant Growth. Her assignment was to water plants with diet mountain dew, water, and milk to see which one made the plant grow the fastest.

Kylie did her project on fashion. Her assignment was to test which type of dress was most popular short dresses or long dresses.

Isabelle did her project on Brain Freezes. Her assignment was to test which resulted in more brain freezes an ice cream or a mcflurry. (I know that they are the same thing but i don't have a doll slushy.)

Kanani also did her project on Fashion. Her assignment was to test what people reacted to most positively when asked the time. A girly girl or a tomboy.

Kit did her project on Biophysical chemicals but it was pretty complicated so I can't really explain it.

I already had people vote but I want to know your opinion first. 

P.S I should have the Kit review up for Jessica Rae by this weekend.


  1. I vote for Kanani, her's seems cool

  2. Can I do 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place? If so, I pick Kit first, Isabelle, and then Kanani. Sorry Others!


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