Monday, March 10, 2014

Tour and Quick Tutorial On Isabelle's Ballet Room

Hey Everybody! A couple of you were wondering how I made my background for all of the posts. The one with the ballet barre. So here is a small tour and some tips for creating the ballet barre.
Isabelle's room is actually a small corner in my room that I use for my dolls. Every now and then I transform it into something else such as a bedroom, a doctors office,or even a restaurant. To make the barre I used a bar from a dresser that we got from Walmart and put ribbon through it. I tied the ends to command hooks as shown on the picture below. If you don't have a bar you could use a paper towel roll.

Here is how I tied it

I added stickers all over and I printed out a couple pictures on the Internet. I used scrap booking paper to  create the sign.

I hope you enjoyed the tour,


  1. Awesome room! I'm planning on maybe making Isabelle a ballet barre.

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