Monday, February 3, 2014

Review of Our Generation Ballet Outfit

Hey Everybody! A couple of weeks ago when the Isabelle collection came out it made me interested about dolls and dance class. Since I wanted a cheaper doll ballet outfit I headed to target and found this Our Generation ballet outfit which was sold for a price of $14.99. I immideiatly purchased two of these for my dolls. Here is my opinion about it:
Savannah is modeling this lovely ballet outfit.

The leotard is a lovely light pink color but the sleeve holes fit american girl dolls very tightly. Be careful when getting this on and off dolls because the Velcro can damage the outfit. The tutu is also very cute but again be careful with the Velcro.

The tights are cream colored and very fragile because of the Velcro issue.

My favorite part of this outfit is probably the ballet shoes. At first I was a little against the shoes because they are made of plastic but the bottom of the shoe is so detailed that I completely forgot about the plastic. This shoe is absolutely adorable and it fits american girl dolls perfectly.

Overall I would give this outfit a 6/10 because of its bad quality but it has great details.



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