Thursday, March 13, 2014

Liebster Award And Nominations!!!

Hey Everbody! I am really excited! I got nominated for The Liebster award by Izzy from Forever Love Dolls. Thank You! I am going to answer the questions then I will nominate 11 other blogs.

Here are the questions from Izzy:

1-Apples or Oranges?: Apples, I prefer apples because you can eat them in many ways such as apple pie, apple sauce, or even Apple juice. 

2-If you had to move to Europe what country/city would you move to?: I would move to England because I have a lot of family there.

3-Who is your idol?: At the minute I really like Demi Lovato so I would probably consider her my idol right now.

4-Springfield or Maplelea?: I prefer Maplelea even though I don't have one (yet).

5-If you had to give one of your dolls away, which one would it be?: I would give away Kit because she is my oldest doll and I don't play with her as much.

6- What is your dream car?: For some reason I've always fancied a convertible on hot summer days but the weather is way too freezing right now.

7- What would you re-name Saige GOTY 2013?: I would rename her Haley because I think that name suits her more.

8-If you could travel back in time what time period would you travel to?
I would travel into the 70's. I think it would be really cool to hang out with Julie!

9-Do you have any siblings? If you do how many?: I have one sister called Hannah.

10-What is your favourite cake flavor?: Chocolate!

11-What is/was (if you are an adult) your favourite school subject?: Math. I love to solve equations.

My Nominations Are:
Simply Dollightful
From Echo With Love
Pretty Lilly
Living A Doll's Life
Galaxy AG Dolls
Little House Of American Girl

Those are all my nominations for today:

Here are my questions:
Girl Of The Year or Historical?
Summer or Winter?
Which was or is your favorite girl of the year?
Favorite Animal?
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?
Coke or Pepsi?
Favorite Food?
Dog or Cat?
Favorite Historical Doll?
Favorite Historical Girl?
Inside or Outside?

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