Thursday, March 6, 2014

Doll Sized Finds: Doll Body Wash

Hey Everybody! Today I wanted to share what I found at target a little while ago. Two doll sized Body Washes. Here are some close up pictures and some pictures that are right next to Isabelle so you can see the size difference:
Herbal Essences Honey Smell Good body wash and Softsoap Juicy Pomegranate & Mango Infusions body wash.

This is a scale picture with Isabelle. It really is the perfect size!

This one can be found at the dollar section at Target.

The other one can be found in the beauty aisle at target.

If you look down the beauty aisle at target there are a bunch of other options but I just bought these two (well the the softsoap one belongs to Hannah.) 

P.S  Thank You Everybody For The 1,000 Blog Views. I couldn't have done it without everybody.

Thank You!

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